THE TREE DOCTOR (aka The Plant Doctor)

Press Releases

Archive collection of media files leading to the discovery and naming of the Emerald Ash Borer

Noteworthy News Materials

Detroit Free Press: 4/18/02  "From his office at Tollgate Education Center in Novi, plant pathologist Dave Roberts is busy fielding calls from professional arborists, city foresters and home owners, all worried about the health of their ash trees..."

Detroit Free Press: 9/21/01  "Borers attack ailing ash trees"

Detroit News: 9/4/01   "The trouble with ash trees" Detroit Free Press: 9/3/01  "Ash trees in the area mysteriously dying"

Detroit Free Press: 2/18/00 "Something is killing the majestic oak..."

Associated Press: 9/25/00  "Experts worry oak wilt ...spreading"

Detroit Free Press: 8/17/00 "Protecting the beech tree: bark disease..."