THE TREE DOCTOR (aka The Plant Doctor)

Oak Wilt Resolution Adopted by Bloomfield Township

The Bloomfield Township Trustees have adopted an Oak Wilt Resolution. Recognizing that oak wilt knows no boundaries, the adoption of this resolution is viewed as a progressive effort to limit the escalation of oak wilt by providing educational materials and guidelines to the public and  commercial enterprises (including homeowners, plant health care companies, developers and construction companies, power line trimmers, etc.) who/which may impact the health of oaks. As with many areas in Michigan, oaks comprise a significant and valuable natural resource in Bloomfield Township’s urban forest. The resolution provides guidelines for managing oaks and observing practices which prohibit the introduction and spread of oak wilt. The resolution also requires companies which work in Bloomfield Township to register with the township. The goal of registration is to encourage quality companies with knowledge of oak wilt to operate in the township. It is anticipated that other Michigan communities will eventually adopt resolutions similar to this and those adopted in other neighboring states. The Resolution is now available on my web site as a printable document file (.pdf) at Oak Wilt Resolution (PDF). To view, print and download use Acrobat Reader