THE TREE DOCTOR (aka The Plant Doctor)

Oak Wilt Photos

A dried Red Oak leaf
Classical symptoms of Oak wilt on Red Oak leaves. Note drying and tanning of leaf from tips and margins to base.
A dried and tanned Oak leaf
Same as above photo - drying and tanning of Oak leaf.
A dead Red Oak next to a live White Oak
A Red Oak died within 3 months after pruning while the White Oak next to it remained alive.
A tree damaged by a storm
A suspected Oak wilt case in Franklin, MI. The tree had received storm damage several months previously.
A street with trees that have suffered storm damage
Severe storm damage can result in Oak wilt infection centers.
Oak trees next to a house
A suspected oak wilt site. Oaks were pruned several months before the widespread death occurred.
A tree with minor storm damage
Even minor damage such as a limb breakage from storm damage can result in Oak wilt infections.