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Welcome to the tree doctor home web page of Landscape and Tree Problems. The information contained herein represents some of the areas with which I have developed an interest, whether of an Extension (university outreach) or a research nature. As a Plant Pathologist, my obvious area of expertise is plant disease. Over the years, my direction has changed somewhat from general disease/diagnostic efforts to the more economically important diseases. Hence,the objective of this web site is to provide you with information on economically important or lethal diseases on often extremely valuable plants.

Trees represent some of the most valuable plants in landscapes and nurseries. Trees are often valued in the $10,000's whether property value or removal costs are considered.  In the landscape, trees are often quite large and many have been growing for well over 100 years.  Some of them were growing at the time of the American Civil War when Lincoln was President and/or during other significant times in American history. While most people value their trees and would do anything to save them, we, as humans, often unknowingly and unintentionally, do things which threaten their very existence. By providing this information on this site, I hope that trees will receive the respect and  consideration they truly deserve. If the information provided in this web site saves even one tree from destruction, I will feel that I have succeeded in my objective.

David L. Roberts, Ph.D.,  Senior Academic Specialist



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Sandi Rosa

I would like to thank Sandi Rosa who originally designed and
administered this web site. Without her invaluable assistance, my efforts
at bringing you up-to date information about the Emerald Ash Borer, Oak
Wilt and many other issues would not have been feasible.

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